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Taliahad -
The Angel of the element of Water.
A magically charged object that is to bring about a specific magical effect.
Taphthartharath -
The Spirit of Mercury.
Tarasni -
Angel of the first decanate of Libra.
Sanskrit for "principle," "element," or "essence." The five primary Tattwas are Akasha, Apas, Tejas, Vayu, and Prithivi and represent the five elements of Spirit, Water, Fire, Air, and Earth respectively.
Taurus -
Astrological sign of Kerubic Earth, literally "bull."
Tav -
The twenty-second and final letter of the Hebrew Alphabeth. It literally means "cross," has the phonetic value of "T" or "Th," and has a numerical value of 400. It is further attributed to the Planet Saturn and the Tarot Trump The Universe.
Sanskrit for "sharp," this is the name of the Fire Tattwa. The image of Tejas is a red triangle.
Temurah -
Hebrew for "permutation," this Qabalistic technique involves the exchange of one letter for another in a word or phrase resulting in a new meaning.
Teth -
The ninth letter of the Hebrew Alphabeth. It literally means "snake," has the phonetic value of "T", and has a numerical value of 9. It is further attributed to the Zodiacal sign Leo and the Tarot Trump Strength.
Greek word for "four letter name," referring specifically to the unpronouncable Hebrew name of God: YHVH.

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