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see Qabalah
Gods of the ancient Samothracian Mysteries. The term Kabir, or Cabir, has its roots in Chaldee and shares the same root as the Hebrew Gibur, meaning "power." The term Kabiri, Kaviri, or Cabire is often translated as "Fires," as these essentially Gods of Fire. The three primary Kabiri of the Samothracian Mysteries are Axieros, Axiokersa, Axiokersos. Along with their brother Kasmillos, these Kabiri were considered the children of Haephestos or Vulcan.
Kael -
Angel over the fourth Astrological House.
Kaliel -
Shem Angel of the sixth quinance of Libra.
Kamael -
Hebrew for "Severity of God," this Archangel rules over Geburah and Mars. Also spelled "Camael."
Kambriel -
Archangel of Aquarius.
Kamotz -
Angel of the first decanate of Scorpio.
Kaph -
The eleventh letter of the Hebrew Alphabeth. It literally means "palm," has the phonetic value of "K", and has a numerical value of 20. It is further attributed to the Planet Jupiter and the Tarot Trump The Wheel of Fortune.
Kaph Final
When the Hebrew letter Kaph is placed at the end of a word it is given a different character with a different numerical value of 500.
Kashenyayah -
Angel ruling over the tenth Astrological House.
Kedamidi -
Angel of the first decanate of Taurus.
Kehethel -
Shem Angel of the second quinance of Virgo.
Kerub -
Ruler of the element of Earth. Singular of Kerubim.
Kerubim -
Hebrew for "Strong Ones," this Choir of Angels is associated with Yesod and the Sphere of the Moon. The four Kerubic beings are the Man, Lion, Eagle, and Bull, and are associated with the elements of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth respectively.
Greek for "herald," this initiating officer is responsible for leading the circumambulations and making all announcements and declarations. The Kerux carries the lamp of hidden knowledge and the Caduceus of Hermes and assumes the Egyptian Godform of Anubis of the East.
Feminine form of Kerux.
Kether - -

Hebrew for "crown," this is the name of the first and highest sephirah on the tree of life.

Keveqiah -
Shem Angel of the fifth quinance of Capricorn.
Khabs Am Pekht
Ancient Egyptian words that translate as "Light in Extension." These words are the origin of the Greek words Konx Om Pax, which were uttered at the Eleusinian Mysteries.
Kokab -
Hebrew for "star," this is the name of the planet of Mercury.
Konx Om Pax
Greek words spoken at the Eleusinian Mysteries, which translate as "Light in Extension." These words come from the Ancient Egyptian Khabs Am Pekht.

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