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see Qabalah
Feminine form of Cancellarius.
Latin for "chancellor," this office is one of record-keeping. The Egyptian Godform of Tehuti is assumed by this dais officer in the Hall of the Neophyte.
Cancer -
Astrological sign of Cardinal Water, literally "crab."
Capricorn -
Astrological sign of Cardinal Earth, literally "goat."
Caput Draconis
Latin for Head of the Dragon, this geomantic figure corresponds to Caput Draconis and Earth and is ruled by Jupiter, Hismael, Venus, and Kedemel. Caput Draconis is favorable for beginnings and for profit. Otherwise, it is favorable with favorable figures, unfavorable with unfavorable ones.
Latin for prison, this geomantic figure corresponds to Capricorn and Earth and is ruled by Saturn and Zazel. Its basic meaning is solidity, restriction, delay, binding, and imprisonment. Carcer is generally unfavorable, but favorable for questions involving stability or security.
Cassiel -
Angel of Saturn.
Cauda Draconis
Latin for Tail of the Dragon, this geomantic figure corresponds to Cauda Draconis and Fire and is ruled by Saturn, Zazel, Mars, and Bartzabel. Cauda Draconis is an unfavorable figure in most questions, but good for endings and losses. It brings good with evil and evil with good.
Chabuyah -
Shem Angel of the second quinance of Cancer.
Chahaviah -
Shem Angel of the sixth quinance of Scorpio.
Chai -
Hebrew for "living."
Chaldean Oracles
Authored by the spiritual master Zoroaster, this text contains spiritual principles and philosophies of the ancient Chaldean mysteries.
Chamiah -
Shem Angel of the second quinance of Aquarius.
Chashmalim -
Hebrew for "Brilliant Ones," this choir of angels is attributed to Chesed and the Sphere of Jupiter.
Chasmodai -
The Spirit of the Moon.
Chassan -
The angel of air.
Chayim -
Hebrew for "life."
Chayoth ha-Qadesh -
Hebrew for "Holy Living Creatures," this choir of angels is attributed to Kether and the Primum Mobile.
Chedeqiel -
Angel of Libra.
Chesed - -

Hebrew for "mercy," this is the name of the fourth sephirah on the tree of life.

Chet -
The eighth letter of the Hebrew Alphabeth. It literally means "fence," has the phonetic value of "Ch", and has a numerical value of 8. It is further attributed to the Zodiacal sign of Cancer and the Tarot Trump The Chariot.
Chiah -
The part of the soul attributed to Chokmah. It is defined as being the essential life force or directed magical current.
Chokmah - -

Hebrew for "wisdom," this is the name of the second sephirah on the tree of life.

To walk in a circle. Symbolic of the rise of Light, this term is especially referred to movement within the temple following the course of the sun or clockwise. When the circumabulation is reverse, representing the fading light, it is against the sun or counter-clockwise.
Latin for Conjunction, this geomantic figure corresponds to Virgo and Earth and is ruled by Mercury and Taphthartharath. Conjunctio is a combination of forces, for good or ill, and recovery of things lost. It is a neutral figure, favorable or unfavorable depending on other figures and circumstances.
To make sacred, by way of ritualistically dedicating someone or something to a specific purpose. The Dadouchos is responsible for consecrating the candidate with fire, using the Censer filled with a special blend of incence.
Cross and Triangle
The central emblem to the Golden Dawn, the red cross represents the the unfolding of light, and the white triangle triune light (which seems to fit well with the Christian Doctine of the Holy Trinity). Together they represent life and light, the dawning sun, the Golden Dawn.

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